Falak Rice


Falak’s presence is prominent in more than 35 countries – a feat achieved in just 9 years through an extensive network of more than 60 distributors internationally.

The recipe

After procuring the best basmati crops from the small farmers, the prized basmati rice then undergoes a meticulous automated pre-cleaning process to ensure that every grain is free from dust particles, stones and weevils. Processed at one of the world’s most modern rice processing plants, each grain of Falak basmati is chosen carefully, and has to be at least 7.3mm long with its tips intact. The rice is then aged for a period of nine to eighteen months at Matco’s warehouses, known for their stringent quality standards.

Falak is a cause to celebrate the ˜avors of life everyday with an aroma that goes beyond the borders of cultures and nations, enhancing the ˜avor of cuisines in every kitchen, restaurant and occasion.

The Marketing Push

In order to promote the Falak brand, Matco has played its part in remaining one step ahead of competition in providing excellent marketing facilities and amenities to our distributors globally. Falak Rice promises the best and consistent quality on every purchase and this is central to all our communication and marketing activities. Falak’s message is simple, powerful and long-lasting.

Falak aims at reaching consumers via full 360 degree communication and has used various platforms to make its presence prominent in more than 35 countries in the world. Falak’s media plan includes TVCs & radio spots in major Indian and Pakistani channels, print ads in leading newspapers, awareness campaigns through branded vans & sales
support using in-store promotions.