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Matco’s dedicated procurement staff maintains strong relationships with suppliers in all major rice growing districts of Punjab and Sindh. They closely follow the crop reporting surveys of agriculture departments in the government, and incorporates them in their analysis of sowing patterns of different varieties. To ensure consistent quality, Matco makes an effort to provide its own seeds to the farmers. Timely advice and other facilications from the procurement team ensures that farmers prefer selling their entire produce directly to Matco inorder to avoid uncrupulous “aarthis” and middlemen.

Every year the cooking and physical characteristics (length and quality) of rice can vary from one region to another; as this is an agricultural product and is affected by weather patterns, soil conditions and farming methodologies. The procurement team by virtue of its experience and skill selects the finest grains of rice from those districts that have the best crop in a particular year.

Each bag of rice is traceable to its exact supplier based on Matco’s extensive investment in its operating systems, training of staff and now with even better integration of processes through the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system.